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Beth Moore

I've always had weight problems. As a teenager, I had huge complexes for this. When I gave birth to a daughter, Amanda, my body did not want to cooperate with me anymore. Thanks to the dietary consultations package, I changed my eating habits and my silhouette began to change. Within two months I managed to dump 11 kilos! I think that if it was not for the promotional offer on the Giftaro website, I would never have decided on such an expense. Thank you and heartily recommend!

- Beth Moore
Vincent Devon

His wife was still frowning that he spent a lot on fuel. Fact - I have a heavy leg and I like fast driving, but I had to take care of my home budget. I have completed my voucher for a professional eco driving course. Fuel costs have dropped by 30%. Now we can put off on our dream vacation.

- Vincent Devon
Alexis White

I love to look good! I admit that I visit shopping centers several times a week and always come back with a new shirt, dress or scarf. Although my wardrobe was bursting at the seams and this morning I had the same problem: "What to wear ?!". I exchanged points from the voucher for an e-book with style tips and descriptions of color types. Thanks to this, I spend less on clothes and I always look stylish. I recommend to every woman.

- Alexis White